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Rotary Club Called Tbilisi Old Town Established in Georgia

In 1905, in the United States, in Chicago, influential and wealthy men founded a service club in one of the hotels, called "Rotary".

The Elite Club was involved in community-building activities across the United States. The first service club in the world was founded by Paul Harris.

This union of men expanded and soon spread throughout the world. Women were allowed to join, which diversified the activities of the club. There are more than 200,000 Rotarians in the world today. One of the main benefits that the Rotary Club has brought to the world is the creation of a polymerite vaccine.

The activity of this club in Georgia dates back to the 1990s. The club was renewed and a presentation with a new lineup was held. At the founding conference of the Rotary Club TBILISI OLD TOWN, members presented several projects to the public. One of them is the promotion of Georgian products on world markets.

"Rotary Club is not a charitable association in the traditional sense. But our members are doing a lot of interesting projects together. Among them is helping people in need. Basically, we support initiatives that, after a one-time subsidy, will continue to exist on their own. The Rotary Club allows its members to do good deeds, ”said Vasil Tamazashvili, President of the Rotary Club TBILISI OLD TOWN.

The establishment of the club was congratulated to its Georgian members by Rotarians from different countries of the world with online involvement. Among them were from America, France, Ukraine and the Netherlands. The Rotary Club has more than a hundred members in Georgia. It can be joined by people who are active and have a good reputation in the community. According to the founders of the club, they are going to support interesting projects or creative ideas all over the country.

Source: Euronews Georgia