Posted: 1 week ago

Rocket Man Launches a Grocery Delivery App on Georgian Market

A new application will be launched on the Georgian market soon. "Rocket Man" is the application name that will allow users to do groceries.

Akaki Pirpilashvili, the founder of "Rocket Men", mentions in the program "Business Morning" that it will be an online supermarket, where the consumer will buy food products at a lower price than in the market.

According to him, initially, the application covers Tbilisi, and in the future, it will cover all of Georgia.

"Rocket Man" will not have physical locations, large warehouses, will not have to pay rent or hire the same number of staff, thus we will be able to sell the product at a lower price in the market.

The startup will have small warehouses where suppliers will bring the product. The application allows us to control the stocks, and our couriers manage to deliver in a short time, from half an hour to forty minutes. Now we are in the stage of testing the application. We already have 90% of the complete products on the market in our assortment,'' says the founder of "Rocket Men".

Akaki Pirpilashvili also talks about the necessary investment and as he notes, the funds were used to create the application and purchase inventory.

"We sought a certain part of the funds from personal capital, however, after the need, we turned to TBC. The bank financed us within the framework of "TBC Startuperi" and allowed us not to limit ourselves to the use of only one location," he notes.