Posted: 5 days ago

RKO to Sell Exclusive Products at Caramel Store in London

RKO, a Georgian handmade children's clothes, and accessories company will sell its exclusive products at the British premium brand store of Caramel in London, the company co-founder Tamar Mesarkishvili noted.

It should be noted that RKO exported its knit goods to Great Britain, Germany, China, Korea, Denmark, and France in September. Now, the British premium brand is also interested in Georgian knit children's goods. RKO’s exclusive line was created in partnership with the very Caramel brand. “We have waited for this period for a long time and this day has come.

Today we have sent RKO products to London for Caramel store, where our joint products Caramel x RKO caps and gloves will be sold. We are happy that such a prestigious company has launched cooperation with us. Everything started in January 2020, when we attended the Playtime Paris exhibition in France. Suddenly, Mrs. Eva, the Caramel founder, visited RKO’s stand and she liked our handmade collection very much. We exchanged contact information and after tireless job for many months, we created joint product Caramel X RKO hats and gloves”, Tamar Mesarkishvili noted.