Posted: 5 days ago

Our Main Driving Power is Not to Stop at One Achievement - Ekaterine Siprashvili

Blitz Questions by Ekaterine Siprashvili, Head of Marketing Department of Dio.

Working at Dio ...... is the best way to learn from the people, who are around you. Here you also look at people indirectly who live by their favorite business and this mood will drive you too.

Team - yes that's what distinguishes us. Unity is the greatest achievement we have. I am a member of this extraordinary team and I am very proud of it!

Love of work and customer care .....This value is the driving force of the company, which "Dio" has been defending for 25 years. Yes, we have a 25-year history of successful customer relationships, one of the main pillars of which is the love of customers, conscientious attitude, justifying trust, and caring for them. Because satisfied and loyal customers are the most justified acts of investment,  the success of our company is based on a satisfied customer. It is a chain reaction and the best advertising that leads to rapid development and success. These characteristics of corporate culture make our company very strong and competitive.  There are no frames here, they always listen to you, share even your most extraordinary ideas, are friendly and sincere. They care about your development, think that change brings development brings, they feel joyful about novelty and different opinions.

For 25 years .... the company was constantly evolving - those were the years of innovation. Nowadays, a business which started from production of blinds has more than 70 products, up to 200 employees, up to 100,000 successful projects, 5 branches, and a well-organized dealer network throughout the country, which allows us to quickly deliver products in our portfolio to customers in any part of Georgia.

Dio now... Although we are market leaders in our field, this is not the last stop, this is just the beginning. We often set goals and know that achieving them is not easy, but we realize that by achieving this goal we can do more than we expected. We try to identify needs that users have not yet been told about and also satisfy them by offering products and services that can set new standards.

Our ultimate main driving power is not to stop at one achievement, not to be content with just what we already have. Our educated, tasteful, and novelty-loving customers already know that "Dio" never stops, it is in the process of development. We will always offer them new and interesting products - to always choose Dio!