Posted: 1 week ago

NIBA Expands Milk Production

Located in the village of Kumisi, in the vicinity of Tbilisi, NIBA-2008 farmland produces 3 tons of raw milk a day for the domestic market. At this stage, the complex holds 200 cows and employs 6 citizens.

As noted by NIBA-2008 founder Bakur Ejibashvili, the livestock number will further grow and the complex will employ more citizens. NIBA-2008 was founded and developed thanks to the Preferential Agro Loan program. The company won the Agribusiness of the Year award as part of the TBC Bank’s Business Award in 2017. As a farmer, Bakur Ejibashvili started his business in the 1990s.

Initially, he was a sheep shepherd, later he decided to grow cows. He imported Dutch cows to Georgia. Today, he has European-standard farmland in Kumisi with an automated production process. “Our success is based on modern approaches, knowledge, and tireless job. The solution consists of modern technologies. We plan to further expand our complex because there is much demand for raw milk in Georgia”, Baku Ejibashvili noted. Georgia has much potential for milk production because there are only several milk production farmlands in the country. The market is unemployed, Bakur Ejibashvili noted.