Posted: 1 week ago

New Restaurant Opens in Batumi with €1 Million Investment

With a one-million-euro investment, the "Alliance Group" builds a restaurant in Batumi. The customers will be hosted by Chef Guram Baghdoshvili. The restaurant will open in a week and will occupy two floors of the "Alliance Palace."

Chef Guram Baghdoshvili notes, that 0.5 million EUR is spent on the kitchen alone. The central kitchen of the restaurant will be separated from the guests' space by panoramic glass so that the visitor can watch the process of preparing the dishes.

According to Baghdoshvili, a separate section is for the dishes made on grills and organic charcoal. Italian ovens for banking khachapuri and pizza are located at the entrance of the hall.

The restaurant has a capacity of 250 guests and is designed by Italian designers. However, according to Chef Baghdoshvili, Georgian artistic character was added to the restaurant and the space was painted by the famous artist from Batumi Besik Kalandadze. The paintings are inspired by Van Gogh, Picasso, Mark Chagall and other famous painters.

In addition, there will be a bar where the guest will be offered a wide variety of signature cocktails and wines.

According to Baghdoshvili, the idea of the restaurant belongs to the founders of "Alliance Palace", who contacted him before the pandemic. However, the created situation stopped the project. As Baghdoshvili said, not a pandemic, the restaurant would have already opened.

Chef Guram Baghdoshvili chooses his partners very carefully, because “it is very difficult to do joint business. The team of "Alliance Group" turned out to be extraordinary people. "Good business comes out with a good partnership," Guram Baghdoshvili said.