Posted: 1 month ago

New Healthy Dessert Startup in Tbilisi - Healthy Cake

Healthy dessert startup - Healthy Cake currently appeared on the Georgian market, in Tbilisi. 

As an online confectionery, it strives to provide customers with desserts made from low-calorie sweeteners and natural products. Although Healthy Cake is now a startup for the Georgian market, its founder Natela Gogsadze has several years of experience in producing healthy desserts.

According to her, she started a dessert business while living in Uzbekistan and successfully cooperated with fitness centers and food outlets. After moving to Tbilisi with his family, she decided to continue her work.

"My desserts are distinguished by the fact that they do not contain sugar and wheat flour, they are also low in calories and can be eaten by anyone who follows a healthy lifestyle and sticks to a diet. Our product line includes sugar-free, low-carbohydrate, gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan desserts. One of the main issues we focus on is the caloric content of desserts.

In addition to information on the number of calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates on the label of Healthy Cake, there is a QR code and by scanning, one will get the full composition of the dessert. In addition, according to the demand, we can prepare desserts that do not contain allergic ingredients.

As she further added, currently, the investment in this business is not high as the primary necessary equipment and ingredients were brought from Uzbekistan.

"We plan to develop the startup through cooperation with cafes, restaurants, and fitness centers. In the future, we are thinking of producing educational masterclasses. In the long run, we want to launch the project of Healthy Cake in Batumi too."