Posted: 1 month ago

Mismie – Georgia’s First Inebriant Cards

Mismie cards gain momentum in Georgia thanks to growing market demand, the company founder David Khurtsilava said.

The idea of MISMIE was born in February 2020, when we, friends, gathered and decided to develop something original and special platform for drinking, instead of Georgian traditional table and toasts.

As a result, we developed this idea and created a new product - an inebriant card. In April, we had fully assembled the pack, printed it in small volumes, and started distribution. Any adult is welcome to buy these cards. The demand was so high that in the first month we had to print 2 new batches. This signifies that the idea has justified.

We have four varieties of cards, including +18 and pear cards. We have already introduced a new product “Tricky Games” that indicate various personal characteristics and persons that most first these specific features must drink every time, David Khurtsilava said. Mismie cards are sold on social networks, various online platforms. The company plans to arrange stands at shopping malls after the pandemic. As noted by the company founder, over 5,000 packs have been sold in several months. Advertising company S Media provides advertising content on the company’s Facebook page.

“We have created a foreign version of the cards that provide various information on Georgia for foreign card players. We are waiting for opening borders and we plan to apply for the co-funding program too”, David Khurtsilava noted.