Posted: 1 week ago

Men Clothing Brand Pallecarte Opens Atelier-Showroom

Georgian men's clothing brand Pallecarte has expanded its business and opened a showroom in addition to its digital sales channels. Together with the showroom, the company founders have also arranged a small sewing workshop to operate as an atelier showroom.

“Our company was founded in late spring 2020, amid the pandemic lockdown. Now, the company has reached a new level of development and continues successful operation on the market. Pallecarte is the first Georgian brand that creates everyday casual elegant clothes for men. Focused to create high-quality, comfortable, and elegant clothes, initially, Pallecarte was represented in only digital channels. As a result of growing interest and demand, approximately a month ago, we completed a showroom to get closer to our future concept. Besides the showroom, we have also opened a sewing workshop and now Pallecarte will operate as an atelier-showroom’, the company founder Abo Menabde said.

The new showroom has enlivened the customer interest because it is very convenient to try on clothes on the sport, touch and examine clothes by hand and get comprehensive information in a pleasant environment. At the same time, the sewing workshop enables us to create products of any design to make our collection more unique and exceptional. Furthermore, soon, we will introduce high-quality comfortable services, the so-called Bespoke Tailoring, individual sewing services. On the one hand, Pallecarte will provide individual services for customers, while, on the other hand, customers will have the opportunity to get clothes sewn with unique design solutions”, the company founder said.