Posted: 1 month ago

Mamuka Shurgaia Appointed as the Executive Director of Silk Development

Mamuka Shurgaia has been appointed as the Executive Director of Silk Development. Silk Road Group spreads information about it.

"We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mamuka Shurgaia to the position of CEO of Silk Development. Mamuka spent more than 10 years as the group’s Chief Financial Officer at Silk Road Group. He will now oversee Silk Development's growth and strategic direction.

Mamuka has extensive experience working with investors and partners. He also has experience working in companies such as Silknet, Silk Road Energy, Silk Road Bank, Silk Hospitality, and Silk Development," the statement reads.

"Mamuka has been the fantastic CEO of Silk Road Group for many years, playing a key role in the group's financial success. The experience it brings to our real estate business will be invaluable in the next period of its growth, ”said David Borger, a board member of Silk Road Group.

For reference, Silk Development is the latest subsidiary of Silk Road Group, which operates in the field of real estate and hospitality and is engaged in the implementation of housing projects in Georgia.