Posted: 1 month ago

Lasha Papashvili: Gov't Should Subsidize Bringing Georgian Staff from Abroad

The founder of "Redix Group" believes that there is a management problem in the country. Lasha Papashvili sees bringing young people from Georgia who have gone abroad as one way to eliminate the problem.

In his opinion, this should be ensured by the state by taking certain steps.

"All this needs proper management. It takes hard work and communication with us, government and business have to go through these pains according to the fields. There are a number of associations and contact with them is necessary, listen to their issues and everything will work out. It is necessary to bring the right staff.

There are many of our professionals abroad. They are not there with such a paycheck that it is not worth investing in it. They have a maximum salary of 2-3 thousand euros. They need to be brought back. A separate article is required in the budget to avoid funding stupid articles and to fund subsidy of their salaries. This part must be financed by the state. This is not about big money. Compared to what we spend on imports and the already notorious topic of current account deficit, how imports outnumber exports. If we want to replace this, make a move at a fast pace,''-says Lasha Papashvili.