Posted: 1 week ago

"Lack of Qualifications and Education in Agriculture is Alarming," Says Luka Vardosanidze

Luka Vardosanidze, a representative from the company "Despani," expressed concern over the lack of qualifications and education in the agricultural sector, particularly in beekeeping, during his appearance on the "Business Partner" program.

He emphasized that beekeepers need to diversify their sources of income to sustain their businesses effectively. "Last year, the export of acacia honey halved due to adverse climatic conditions. Similar challenges are occurring this year with reduced yields from the heat," he explained.

Highlighting the versatility of beekeeping, Vardosanidze pointed out, "Honey is an excellent product, but it shouldn't be the sole income source for beekeepers. There are about 30 other products that they can produce and profit from. The solution lies in not solely depending on the climate but in diversifying production."

The Georgia Association of Beekeepers is actively addressing these qualification gaps. "We are conducting training sessions across regions, part of which focuses on producing alternative products. We aim to educate beekeepers that their trade is not just about honey and can be quite lucrative," Vardosanidze concluded.