Posted: 5 months ago

Kula": Despite Increase in Electricity Prices, We Will Not Raise the Prices of Products until Spring

Despite the increase in electricity tariff, Kula won't raise the price of the products until spring. 

Vano Goglidze mentioned with BM.GE, that increased electricity tariff raises the costs of the factory.

"If we would have benefits in winter as bread factories had, for which, for example, the gas price was not increased, that would help us, since in winter we not only run engines and units with electricity but also heating is connected with electricity. Therefore, the increased tariff on electricity will raise the prices of the production, but we will try to compensate for the 10-15% price rise with supplies we have for several months. In the new season, we will see, what the price of the raw materials, fruit and transportation will be. Then, we will decide, if we'll increase the prices of our products in summer.", declared the founder of Kula, Vano Goglidze.