Posted: 2 months ago

Khidureli: Girteka Logistics Opens Service Center in Georgia

This year, one of the largest logistics companies in Europe - "Girteka Logistics" will open a Global Services Office (GBS) in Tbilisi. As a result, more than 300 new and high-paying jobs will be created in the country over the next two years.

Girteka Logistics actively cooperated with the Invest in Georgia team of the agency "Invest in Georgia" to study the potential of the country. Within the framework of the mentioned, the agency provided the company with information about the opportunities in the country, visited and met with private and public organizations.

"We made our choice after conducting an in-depth study of six countries in Georgia, assessing several factors such as the qualifications of the workforce, the level of education and competence, the business environment and the operating costs of the business in the coming years," said Martynas Serapinas, Chief Information Officer.

"Placing a company and a global service center of this scale in Georgia on international markets will significantly contribute to establishing trust in the country and the country's potential in this regard. "This decision of the company is crucial for our agency and the country, and we think it is another proof that our strategy and approaches, which we have implemented for two years, give tangible results," said Mikheil Khidureli, director of the agency "Produce in Georgia".

Girteka Logistics employs 21,000 people globally. The company's 9,000 land trucks operate 880,000 flights annually to Europe in the Scandinavian and CIS countries.