Posted: 1 month ago

Khemsi Introduces Fruit Tea to the Market

Dried fruit manufacturing company Khemsi will offer fruit tea to its customers, which consists of several types of crushed fruit pieces: apple, strawberry, kiwi, and orange. In addition, the company's assortment also includes Georgian black tea.

According to its founder, Sophia Goginashvili, fruit-infused tea has healing properties.

"We do not use additives or chemicals in the tea manufacturing process. Currently, we are working to give the final look to our natural tea, refine the packaging, and start sales. The product now is available locally in Khashuri and Tbilisi, in several stores. However, we are also actively looking for sources of funding."

Customers can also buy Khemsi products online by subscribing. As for the prices, the price of 100 g of tea products will range from 7 to 9 GEL, depending on the composition.

Khemsi was created during the pandemic, in Khashuri, and produces a large variety of dried fruits seasonally.