Posted: 5 months ago

Jigrebi: Street Art Project Transforming Communities and Helping Businesses to Promote Themselves

Jigrebi is a street art project, which is transforming communities and helping businesses to promote themselves.

In an interview with Nikoloz Badzaghua, the founder of a street art project, Jigrebi, we asked questions about how street art can help districts and companies thrive, and what the vision is for future artists and businesses, working together for a common goal. 

Before reading! watch our introduction video of Jigrebi project. 

Tell us about your project, how was Jigrebi created?

- After we obtained the status of a super host on the Airbnb platform, I decided to paint walls to rent my apartment in more favorable conditions. I started seeking an artist. This uneasy process revealed many unanswered questions. I and my friend Jemal Kobaladze decided to establish a service company that would paint spaces. The word of Jigari scrupulously expresses a person who valuably fulfills services. This word denotes a reliable and hearty person. We frequently hear You are Jigari. That’s why we have selected this word.

How many walls have you painted and what was their purpose?

- All projects are of individual character and they reflect social problems or challenges. I would name the project by the Fencing Federation – Olympic Musketeers. This is a symbol project – If Sandro Bazadze wins the Olympic Games in 2021, we will have painted an Olympic athlete! We work in such fields as education, sports, gender equality, freedom, or other relevant issues. At this stage, we have already painted about 30 big walls all over Georgia.

What about your short-term plans?

- I would like to express gratitude to my mentor and great friend Nikoloz Gogochuri. The thinking process is the major challenge for startupers. This process requires a strong mind. Major challenges are ahead, experiments, for example, painting under the water, using paints that are seen only in rain. We, Jigrebi, believe that the solution consists of freedom of thought.

Tell us about your artists. Who participates in this project?

- Jigrebi is an open organization. All artists are welcome to contact us and ask to resolve organizational details, while they can lead only the creative process. At this stage, I would name Anzor Beriashvili, Elina Miminoshvili, and Tamar Khorkheli. As for street artists, there are many street artists in Georgia, particularly, this trend intensified over the past 5 years. There are special and leading flagships of this direction. I personally respect the works by Gagosha.

I believe that an artist should take an effort. All individuals have their own visions that may be refined in the practical working process to receive a final shape. Brave decisions and a sense of responsibility matter in this regard.

What about your working process. What inspires you?

-The communication process is very interesting. Conversation with customers is a very emotional and creative process. In reality, if we go deeper and stay frank, people think in the same way in many aspects. Seeking these depths is our mission when communicating with customers.

Another pleasure is when a wall is transfigured from hour to hour and acquires a final appearance. A person frequently stands in the painting process and spends several hours watching the work.

Big walls seem to be asking to tame them. This process requires free spirit, otherwise, you will fail.

There were cases when we failed to fulfill the order. In his case, you should be able to recognize the mistake! Hypocrisy is categorically unacceptable for Jigrebi. Inspiration comes in the process of creating, beautifying, making mistakes, and progress and developing.

What has the pandemic changed and how have you corrected your plans?

-The pandemic has decreased the number of commercial orders. We have to pass the adaptation period. For example, we have closed an office and continue operation in online space. 70% of projects were annulled after hotels and restaurants were closed. Now we have to think in a different way. I believe the COVID reality brings also opportunities and solutions. We offer alternative mechanisms of payment to our customers. We should be more flexible. Today, it is untimely to talk about certain planned and stable steps. The pandemic has turned upside down the lifestyle that we were accustomed to. In similar cases, you should just believe and not to surrender. Frank efforts always bring real results.