Posted: 1 week ago

Janeartdolls Production to Sell in Leading Countries of the World

Janeartdolls is a brand of handmade, knitted, anti-allergic toys, which entered the local market 5 years ago. 

Currently, the company sells its products on Etsy. 

As for the pricing policy, the cost of Janeartdolls in the Georgian market starts from 28 GEL, and the average price is 80-120 GEL. As Jane Gomurashvili, the founder of Janeartdolls mentions, the idea of ​​creating toys came to her 5 years ago, when she was looking for an ecologically clean woven toy for her son and found that such a product did not actually exist on the market, so she decided to create it herself.

She creates toys herself and due to the growing demand, she founded the "Janeartdolls Academy", which teaches doll making to anyone through online courses.

"I make dolls with my own design. As for the foreign market, with the help of "Etsy", our products have already been sold in America, Canada, Australia, Germany, England, and South Africa. "One customer has already placed seven orders since December.", noted the founder of Janeartdolls.