Posted: 6 days ago

How Much Does Burberry Representation in Georgia Earn?

The British clothes and accessories brand Burberry is represented with only one store in Georgia. Located on Freedom Square in Tbilisi, the store is operated by Leader System company, which has published the 2019 audited financial report on

According to the report, the company’s total incomes in 2019 increased by GEL 3 million to GEL 12.4 million. As a result, the company’s net profits in 2019 marked GEL 870,000. The prime cost of the 2019 sales amounted to GEL 8.6 million, while the staff payrolls marked GEL 825,000.

Leasing costs totaled GEL 586,000. According to the audited financial report, besides clothes and accessories, the company also trades in building materials. We inform you that incomes of lower-segment brands in Georgia exceeded Burberry’s incomes several times. For example, H&M sales in 2019 marked GEL 35.4 million, Zara – GEL 44.9 million.