Posted: 1 month ago

Hobby Turned into Business - Mariam's Atelier in Tkibuli

The sewing studio in Tkibuli works on individual orders and simultaneously, makes face masks. According to the founder of the atelier, Mariam Tskhovrebashvili, the demand is high for the product.

"I came up with an idea of opening the sewing studio in 2015. Initially, it was like a hobby, however, due to the high demand, I decided to create Mariam's Atelier. For this, I wrote the business plan in Entrepreneur Georgia and I received the grant, with which I purchased modern technology. This made my product wholesome. I also received grants from Farmers' Association and UN Women, which helped me to further improve the technology and employed two local women.

Our production is exported to Italy, Greece, and France.", noted Mariam Tskhovrebashvili.