Posted: 1 month ago

Handmade Kitchen Accessories by Georgian Brand Kurka

Kurka is a new Georgian brand, which offers its customers handmade accessories for the kitchen. The main product now is cheese boards.

"We prepare boards from natural wood. We use walnuts and beech since they are the best material for making high-quality cheese boards.

Every product is unique. Painting techniques do not allow us to make identical pieces. I can boldly say that project made it and expressed interest in this matter is huge.", noted the founder of Kurka, Mako Panchulidze.

The company actively works on increasing the production of boards and standardizing them, after which, it plans to start negotiations with restaurants and wine companies. Currently, Kurka has several local suppliers and apart from boards, it offers customers mortar for pounding and wooden bowls.

"We plan to launch the website in the near future, which will be an additional channel for communication with customers. Apart from this, our plans also envisage running paid advertising campaigns on social media and cooperation with several niche stores.

We sell our pieces online and have a free delivery service so far. We hope, we will soon have our stands in related stores, and personal spaces in trading centers. We can send our production throughout Georgia. We've already started working on new accessories and hopefully, they will soon be available for our customers.", noted Mako Panchulidze.

According to the company representative, the period of a pandemic caused huge damage to businesses, the price of materials is increased and communication with suppliers became harder.

After increasing the production and fulfilling current plans in Georgian market, Kurka plans to export the production.