Posted: 1 month ago

Giorgi Darchiashvili: Georgia has Resources to Become a BPO Hub in the Region

According to Giorgi Darchiashvili, Head of the Large and Medium Corporate Customer Service Department of TBC, Georgia has a great resource to become an outsourcing hub for business processes.

Giorgi Darchiashvili says that given the current situation in the region, Georgia has many advantages in attracting international companies.

"Georgia has a great resource to become a hub in this direction. Attached to all this is the fact that there is war in the region and many international companies operating in Ukraine are looking for a safe and stable environment. We have several strong factors in this regard - these are security, state support and programs, the tax system, and cheap labor.

Produce Georgia's state programs play a particularly important role in the development of the country's economy," said Giorgi Darchiashvili.

The head of TBC's Large and Medium-sized Corporate Customer Service Department talks about Majorel Georgia's distinctive position in the direction of BPO in Georgia, noting: It develops our service and service area. Our partnership is very complex and mainly includes non-credit products.

"I would like to mention two main factors that carry similar values ​​- customer care and striving for digital and making decisions in this regard," - said Giorgi Darchiashvili.