Posted: 1 month ago

Ginventor to Launch the USB Cable Factory in Georgia

Ginventor launches the USB cable factory in February. Approximately 200,000 units of cables will be made on-site each month.

As Irakli Burchuladze, the director of the company mentioned with BusinessPartner, Ginventor has been wanting to open for a long time, but various factors hindered it.

The cables will be available for the users of both Android and iPhone. The company invested 0.5 million GEL to transit the production from China to Georgia.

"The main reason for launching the factory in Georgia is to make a contribution to Georgia's economy and create more workplaces for locals.", defines Irakli Burchuladze.

According to him, eventually, they plan to adapt to the local market, however, they also plan to export.

"Despite the fact that the market is large, there is a competition, but local customers choose USB cables and they help us with that decision.", noted Burchuladze.

Currently, Georgian-made USB cables are available in more than 200 stores and several trading centers.

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