Posted: 1 week ago

Georgian Wooden Toys Company to Expand Business and Shape Team of Designers

Georgian Wooden Toys manufacturing company KU BIKI plans to expand the business. The company will integrate Georgian national and cultural themes into the rebranding project.

To this end, KU BIKI will shape a team of toy designers to constantly generate new and interesting ideas and models. KU BIKI will do its best to implement these plans and produce new toys in incompliance with the highest international standards. We believe that our designers can design such toys that fit Georgian themes and the domestic customers’ interests. We plan to develop the profession of toy designers in Georgia.

To this end, we plan to invite talented designers. We will constantly care for their development and motivation”, KU BIKI executive director Beqa Katsadze noted. At this stage, KU BIKI produces around 20 toys, including Georgian Alphabet, arithmetic cubes, sorter farmland, and so on. KU BIKI company is a member of Synergy Capital.