Posted: 2 weeks ago

Georgian Rugby Union Released 50 Unique NFT Cards

The Georgian Rugby Union, along with the platform Enefty, created 50 special NFT cards to commemorate the victory over Italy.

The cards are exclusively designed by Georgian rugby player Nono (Nodar) Andghuladze, the collection includes 5 rugby cards of different quality.

The goal of the project is to form a strong Georgian rugby fan club, both within the country and internationally, which will increase the popularity and popularization of the Georgian rugby fandom.

Buyers who purchase the collection will be entitled to a number of special benefits, including fan master classes, free and/or privileged tickets to home and away matches of the national teams, season tickets for domestic championship games, exclusive access to a number of significant and special accessories, and the opportunity to actively participate in all social projects run by Georgian Rugby. It is planned and implemented both locally and internationally.