Posted: 4 weeks ago

Georgian Brand Leverages AI to Innovate Fashion Design with Decode

Georgian fashion startup Decode has made its debut, revolutionizing the way clothing is designed, produced, and distributed. The Georgian clothing brand Sheidish is among the first to utilize this innovative platform to launch new fashion lines.

Decode aims to streamline the fashion design process by integrating design, production, and logistics into a unified platform, making it accessible for both seasoned fashion brands and newcomers to the industry. The platform's goal is to democratize fashion design, allowing anyone with a vision to bring their ideas to life without the need for technical drawing skills or industry connections.

"Leveraging artificial intelligence, Decode enables users to convert their ideas into tangible designs with just a text description. The platform then generates a detailed template, serving as a blueprint for tailors to create the actual garment," shares Lasha Kvaratskhelia, co-founder of Decode.

Sheidish, a brand known for its commitment to eco-friendly women's apparel since 2022, has tapped into Decode's potential to expand its product line. Tako Natsvlishvili, founder of Sheidish, highlights the platform's efficiency in simplifying the design process.

"With Decode, we've been able to quickly develop new designs and patterns. This collaboration has resulted in a unique line of kimonos, crafted from recycled materials similar to those used by luxury brands like LVMH. These kimonos are now available through our channels and on Veli Store," Tako Natsvlishvili elaborates.

Decode stands at the forefront of fashion innovation, offering a seamless bridge between creativity and technology, and promising a new era for the fashion industry where ideas can effortlessly become reality.