Posted: 11 months ago

''Georgia will Occupy a Place in the List of Big Craft Beer Producing Countries in 5 Years''

Georgia has the potential to become one of the world's largest producers of craft beer. Representatives of the field talk about positive expectations. According to them, craft beer is now gaining ground in Georgia and it is very important to promote it. Since 2021, the first craft beer festival is already being held in the country.

The business sector draws attention to the role of the state in craft beer production and adds that the government is already taking certain steps in this direction.

It should be noted that the development of Georgian craft beer is very important due to the world challenge because today craft beer plays a very big role in both the tourist and gastronomic directions. At the same time, there is a resource for Georgian craft beer to take its solid place in the world, just as Georgian wine did in its time.

Nutsa Ciskarishvili, the host of the family farm "Otia's Ezo" spoke to "Business Partner" about the importance and potential of craft beer production.

"We won a state grant from GITA for the development of craft beer, so we will try to develop this industry in our country and encourage many people to get involved in this business. It is very important to start the production of craft beer in Georgia, which will also contribute to the development of wheat and barley in the field of agriculture. So there's a chain of connections between the farmer, the craft beer enthusiast, and the brewer, and we're trying to play a big part in promoting it all. We think that the state will play a big role in craft beer. It is very important for the government's relationship with the entrepreneur to be successful. In the early 2000s, the government simplified a lot of regulations for Georgian winemaking, and if the same thing happens in the craft beer system, this sector will develop more and new businesses will start operating in Georgia," Nutsa Ciskarishvili told Business Partner.

According to her, today there are approximately 15 producers of craft beer in the country, who independently and standing by each other are trying to develop this activity.

"If there is more interest from both the public and the government, in 5 years there will be a very big explosion in the world of craft beer because Georgia will also occupy a place in the list of very large countries," added Nutsa Tsiskarishvili, host of the family farm "Otia's Ezo".

One of the producers of craft beer in Georgia is the family farm "Otia's Ezo" located in Tskaltubo. At the moment, beer is brewed and bottled in glass bottles (330 ml, 550 ml).