Posted: 1 year ago

Geo Fish Company: Most Favorable Export Market for Fishing Business is Turkey

According to Kakha Lataria, the co-founder of the fishing and fish processing company "Geo Fish Company", the most favorable market for selling the product is Turkey.

Speaking to BMG about the company's activities, the co-founder of "Geo Fish Company" noted that the company has a license for fishing in the Black Sea, with which it has certain fishing quotas. The obtained fish is processed in the Poti factory, where up to 3,000 tons of fish meal and 2,000 tons of fish oil are produced from kapshi. "Geo Fish" sells almost all of its products for export to European and post-Soviet countries.

"Turkey is still the most favorable and highly paid market from the business point of view. Then come different European countries. Armenia and Azerbaijan are also interesting markets in terms of export," said the co-founder of "Geo Fish Company".

"In addition to export, I would like to point out that modern fish and animal feed factories are developing in Georgia, which to some extent replaced imports with our products, therefore we also supply our own products to the local market," Kakha Lataria said.