Posted: 1 month ago

Gastro Box - A New Culinary Gift Set on the Market

Gastro Box offers Georgian customers culinary boxes created with natural and exclusive products. According to the founder of the company, Tina Osepashvili, Gastro Box enables customers to discover new aromas and tastes every month.

"The box is not a one-time offer, one can subscribe to it for one whole year. The price of a one-time order is 60 GEL, 3 months - 165 GEL, 6 months - 300, and 12 months - 540 GEL. The significant matter is that 60% of the products in the box are prepared in our company, for example, jams, fresh pasta, pate, pesto sauce, etc. Apart from the food, the set also includes kitchen accessories, recepts, and other pleasant surprises. The demand is pretty high, the Christmas set of Gastro Box was sold out in two weeks and now we have nearly 10 one-year subscribers. Subscription can be done on Facebook, but we are also making a website, on which our products will be sold next to the boxes.", noted Tina Osepashvili.

Currently, Gastro Box can be delivered only in Tbilisi, however, it will be available in big cities from March. The company also plans to present the boxes with different conceptions.