Posted: 1 week ago

First Outlet Village Opens in Georgia in Spring of 2022

Outlet Village opens in Georgia in the spring of 2022. The village will be cultivated on an area of 10 hectares, where in the first stage about 80 companies of leading international brands will enter, and later - an additional 40.

"There is no such outlet village in Turkey, Azerbaijan or Armenia. It will be a completely separate infrastructure, cultivated on 10 hectares, designed by one of the most famous Spanish architectural companies in the world. By the way, they are designed "Santiago Bernabeu Stadium", Madrid "La Roga Outlet", "Barcelona Outlet", etc. Our outlet is involved in rural management and leasing, in the relationship with brands, the American-European consortium, and in the field of PR - a British company," - said Guga Tsanava at Forbes Week.

According to him, "Outlet Village" will be built in a place that people from Azerbaijan and Armenia can not physically bypass, it is said in Lilo, near the road. According to Guga Tsanava, the geographical location will help the traffic. 

"I think that "Outlet Village'' will be the number one facilitator for tourism: in the future we plan to arrange bus tours and various interesting activities for tourists. This will be another opportunity to attract them. It will also be attractive to buy clothes from a well-known brand such as Christian Dior, Dolche & Gabbana at Outlet Village - if a tourist learns that, for example, he will buy Dolche & Gabbana pants here for 200 GEL, he will certainly not go anywhere else. Apart from tourists, it will be attractive for locals as well," Guga Tsanava said.