Posted: 2 weeks ago

First Outlet Village in the Region Opens in 2023

"Georgian Outlet and Resorts Group" is starting 2023 with interesting news and plans. The managing partner of the group, Guga Tsanava, shares that the first outlet village project in the region, which will be built in the vicinity of the economic zone of Lilo, Tbilisi, will be launched soon.

BM.GE contacted the managing partner of "Georgian Outlet and Resorts Group" Guga Tsanava to find out the opening date of the 100 million dollar outlet village under construction on 10 hectares. According to him, the opening of the outlet village is planned for September 2023.

It should be noted that the company was planning to open "Outlet Village" in 2022, however, the logistical difficulties created in the world due to the Russia-Ukraine war extended the project's implementation period. Guga Tsanava says that at this stage construction processes are actively underway on the site.

In order to overcome the logistic difficulties in the world, "Domus Group" found a new methodology of construction in Dubai, accordingly, the iron needed for the construction was brought from Dubai and assembled here. Today, standard construction works are underway and the construction process has moved into a simple phase. We think that these processes will be completed in about 4-5 months and the brands will have the opportunity to start working on the design of their own stores", explained Tsanava.

According to him, with the active communication and work of "Georgian Outlet and Resorts Group" with international brands, 22 brands will enter the country before the opening of the outlet village, which will open stores, and then take their place in the village.

"Despite the fact that the construction of the village is underway, 70% of the world's brands have already been contracted. This project attracted many new brands among them - Pinko, Patrizia Pepe, Donna Karan, and several other brands that have already opened stores in Georgia because of us. The point is that the brand cannot enter the outlet if it does not have a permanent line in the country. We found investors and connected with retailers. This approach paid off so much that 22 new brands will enter the country, which was not going to enter Georgia. These brands are from different categories like footwear, premium, luxury, and others. 22 of these brands will enter Georgia and will be opened in the streets and malls, and then they will be presented in the outlet village.

A total of 120 brands will be represented in "Outlet Village". Our strategy is to introduce middle and high-segment brands, therefore we refused many brands that wanted to cooperate with us", said Guga Tsanava.

The managing partner of "Georgian Outlet and Resorts Group" also says that high-end brands do not want to enter malls, and to open stores, they are looking for a place on Rustaveli and Chavchavadze avenues. Guga Tsanava does not specify the brands, however, he says that with the involvement of the group, these places are being searched for, and the stores will be opened as soon as the locations are selected.