Posted: 2 weeks ago

First Georgian Speaker Produced by Atoms Audio is Already on Sale

"Atoms Audio" has begun producing the first Georgian loudspeaker, which is now available for purchase.

As Davit Pipilashvili, one of the founders of the company told BM.GE, 100 orders have already been made and in the near future, the products will also appear in retail networks.

"Currently, we are implementing it in such projects as hotels, and conference halls - such spaces where background sounding is needed, and several conference halls have already been sounded with our loudspeakers. Realization is done by online orders, individuals who want to install speakers at home, i.e. to install them in the ceiling or on the wall, can buy them on our "Facebook" page and website.

The interest is quite high, it's only been a month since we started selling and we were still in test mode, we have the ability to produce 1,000 speakers per month, and we hope that the number of orders will increase in the near future. As for appearing in retail networks and exporting, at this stage we are in the process of negotiations with several networks, and we also received interest from Greece, where we might enter at the end of spring," said Davit Pipilashvili.

"Atoms audio" is currently working on the final version of the Bluetooth speaker, and according to the co-founder, it will appear on the market in the spring.

As for the challenges faced by the startup in the process of operation, according to Davit Pipilashvili, it was gaining the trust of customers.

"The first difficulty was that there was no technical base in the country to create this product, although we created it with our efforts. Also, gaining the trust of customers was a significant challenge. Before, they did not believe that Georgian dynamics would be created, but now they find it difficult to believe that Georgian production will be of high quality. Our main goal is to prove to them that we create all the details ourselves and have a really good product," says the co-founder of "Atoms audio".

The startup was created with the personal investment of the founders. As for the employees, the company currently has 10 employees. The price of speakers produced by "Atoms audio" varies between 60-240 GEL.