Posted: 2 weeks ago

First Farm of Pearls - Story of The Pearl Club

The Pearl Club, established in 2020, is the first jewelry brand in Georgia, which has a farm of pearls.

The authors of the startup, Ana Baratashvili, and Mariam Gogiashvili noted, that they came up with an idea 1 year ago. 

"While traveling in Thailand, I found myself on Pearl Island, which made a big impression on me. I saw the whole process of creating a cultured pearl. I returned to Tbilisi with different samples and pieces of advice on pearl cultivation technology.

We started building an experimental farm on the territory of the Tbilisi Sea the same week. Oysters were selected in the rivers of Georgia, in which we insert a small fragment and then take pearls. This whole process takes at least a year.", noted Ana Baratashvili.

Currently, The Pearl Club has two directions, which is promoting the cultivation of pearls, as an innovation on the Georgian market. Brand, which currently only includes pearl and silverware, also plans to add different accessories and clothes. 

"The Pearl Club is more of a philosophy, which emphasizes the pursuit of naturalness, the importance of beauty and nature in physical and mental health of human." 

The Pearl Club currently has a small number of harvests. Mainly, they use foreign pearls for now. They have partners in Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand, from which they purchase cultivated pearls. Apart from pearls, silverware is also on sale, with engraving - THEPEARLCLUB.

"When our farm will get done, we will prepare jewellery with our own pearls."

Currently, the product is available online, via two channels - Instagram and Facebook.