Posted: 1 week ago

First Drive-Through Pharmacy Opened in Georgia

The first Drive-through pharmacy chain has been opened in Georgia. Drive pharmacy services are only available at one location at this time.

The second group of medicines, hygiene and self-care products, as well as baby food, can be purchased at the pharmacy without getting out of the car.

The new concept of pharmacy focuses on customer comfort and saves time.

"The main idea and concept of creating this pharmacy were to create maximum comfort for people, save us time and energy searching for parking spaces, standing in line, etc. which we did not like in other pharmacy chains and we liked to combine it into one idea, ”said Anika Iashagashvili.

As Dr. Drive co-founder Anika Iashaghishvili told Business Partner, the customer interest and referrals are growing day by day. In two years, the company plans to expand and open more than 20 facilities across the country.

"We plan to open at least 25 branches in 2 years. We will cover the roads starting from Tbilisi, including Batumi. We will focus mostly on areas where it is difficult for a person to find a pharmacy and it would be necessary," said Anika Iashagashvili.