Posted: 4 years ago

Europe’s Biggest HR Company Seeks Skilled Workforce in Georgia

Georgia’s labor market, and employment opportunities for Georgian specialists in Europe and qualifications for possible promotions – Oktay Erciyaz, Director General of the Trenkwalder Group, one of the biggest HR management companies in Europe, discussed these issues for the Business Partner TV program. 

Trenkwalder Group, one of the leading HR management companies in the Central and Eastern European market, is interested in Georgia, and shows a readiness to promote the training and employment of Georgian citizens in European countries. 

As noted by the Trenkwalder Group director general, Georgia is an interesting country for the company thanks to its young, dynamic population and good educational system. 

“Georgia is an interesting country thanks to its young, dynamic population and their aspirations, as well as it's very good educational system. Today, we met with representatives of two universities. Tomorrow, we will meet with representatives of two other universities. We plan to hold institutional meetings, too, and we got some very good ideas at these meetings”, Oktay Erciyaz noted. 

Western investors have examined the level of vocational education in the country, first. As noted by Erciyaz, they foster corresponding institutions to establish high-quality vocational education. 

Initially, the Health Ministry’s representatives  and Information Technology engineers will be allowed to develop their career in western countries. The company attracts potential staff through various marketing campaigns that will start in Georgia in the near future. However, the interested bodies will be able to receive detailed information on the official Facebook page of the Trenkwalder Group. The company also accepts resumes from email, he said. 

During the discussions, the Trenkwalder Group Director General stressed the importance of vocational education, and noted that  investors pay attention to the quality of vocational education. Therefore, he plans to promote high-quality vocational education in Georgia. 

“When analyzing the German or the Austrian market, the majority of employees have acquired skills from the vocational education system. This implies both college and vocational education. This refers to both bank employees and machine engineers, and this is a very important factor. Consequently, if Georgia wishes to attract western investors, they, first of all, should pay attention not to the number of diplomas, but the quality of vocational education in the country. 

Not everybody needs diplomas, but everybody should hold the corresponding skills and vocational education. I have learned that the Georgian government provides the necessary support in this regard, and I believe this is a very good mechanism to find a stable, good workforce for both foreign and domestic investors. We will bring samples from Germany on how the vocational education system works, tand we will promote the corresponding institutions to establish a high quality vocational education. With many years of experience, we have cooperated with many companies, and in a good climate, we will invite these companies so that they support and develop this process”, Oktay Erciyaz said.