Posted: 5 days ago

Ecohouse Svaneti Offers Guests an Innovative Space

The family of Nikoloziani in the village of Lakhushdi in Latali community decided to start the tourism business a few years ago. He turned his parents' house into a hotel and started receiving tourists.

The hotel called Ecohouse Svaneti focuses on eco-tourism.

According to the founder of the hotel, Davit Nikoloziani, European tourists predominate among their guests. 

"People visit us from main two countries: Germany and Poland. Some also expressed interest from Belgium, and the Netherlands. These are countries where they are aware of the importance of the environment and where organic products have gained more popularity."

The family was able to develop the tourist business with the support of Austria and Sweden. Within the framework of the project "GRETA", Ecohouse now offers guests an innovative room on site.

"Through the "GRETA" project, we were able to arrange a room that will have a glass ceiling and glass walls, and it will be possible to sleep in an environment where people will feel like they are in the open air, and they will also have the opportunity to enjoy the view of the starry sky throughout the night."