Posted: 1 year ago

Drakkar: Crafting Miniature Worlds that Preserve Memories

Lili Tsikarishvili and her husband turned their hobby into a successful business venture, creating miniature replicas of favorite places and memories for their customers. Their workshop, "Drakkar," is the first enterprise in Georgia to specialize in dioramas and focus on realism and detailing.

Dioramas are more than just aesthetically pleasing decor; they offer opportunities to realize various ideas and concepts, making them perfect for marketing campaigns, museums, educational institutions, and even historical preservation. Drakkar has turned this art form into a means of commercialization, catering to both private and corporate clients.

At the heart of their work lies the desire to immortalize precious memories and emotions. We all have a special place that evokes strong feelings, whether it's a childhood home, a favorite cafe, or a place where we spent time with loved ones. While photos, videos, and notes can capture these memories, they do not provide the same feeling of being there. That's where Drakkar comes in, creating miniature replicas that allow people to relive their memories and experience them anew.

What sets Drakkar apart is their special relationship with their customers. They create a team with each client, discussing every detail, sharing emotions, and listening to stories. The result is emotional works of art that are inspiring and precious to both the creators and recipients.

Drakkar's journey started with a gift for a friend, a miniature replica of a cute country house. It was a challenging but enjoyable process that inspired them to create more. Opening a Facebook page and taking orders allowed them to refine their skills and find new solutions. They strive to make each work better than the last, continuously perfecting their craft.

Through their work, Drakkar brings memories to life, allowing people to relive their favorite moments and places. Their emotional works of art are a testament to the power of memories and the art of dioramas.