Posted: 1 year ago

Company 'Keto's; Producing Jams and Confitures Built an Enterprise

The company "Keto's," which produces jams and confitures with a distinct taste, will open its own enterprise in Dusheti.

Keti Meladze, the founder of Keto's said that the new enterprise will be equipped with modern technologies, which will help increase production.

"An enterprise building has already been built in Dusheti, where we will start making jams and confitures this year. First of all, I have to buy a sterilization and jam bottling machine. Since the demand for Keto's products is high, we need double forces.

Last year we were in France at the Sirha exhibition, where we presented walnut, rose jam, and pepper jams. We offer customers 20 types of jam, confitures and 'jam breakfast'. The raw materials are local. We have suppliers only for the specific types of fruit,'' said Keti Meladze at Business Partner. 

Keto's has a showroom at Bazaar on Orbeliani. The products are available online, as well as in about 15 shops and Kakheti Hotel Shukhmani. As for the prices, they start from 10 GEL and come in 100, 200, 250 and 450 ml packages.

"Jams and confitures have a special spicy taste that is distinctive. For example, I make raspberry jam with tarragon, peach with rosemary, raspberry pepper and rosemary, unabi jam with cinnamon, pepper jam, and others. I am constantly working on new flavors and I will offer many innovations in this direction to the customers in the future, "said the founder of the company.