Posted: 5 months ago

City Mall: We Offer Government COVID Testing for Visitors in Exchange for Opening

The director of City Mall, Levan Meskheli noted after the meeting between representatives of trading centers and governments, that there are many unanswered questions, which the private sector has, among them, they do not know for sure if they will open on February 1st. 

"We know, we won't open until February, but when this will happen, we are not sure. We do not know, what criteria are necessary for opening and what is the precondition, of how the decision upon closing-opening is made. We had this question but we did not receive a comprehensive answer from them.", declared Levan Meskheli.

According to the director of City Mall, shopping malls have never been a hotspot for the spread of the coronavirus. The government was asked to present statistical data that malls are a source of infection for the population.

"If we do not have this information, every decision is false and exaggerated. This is our attitude and according to this, we ask them to provide us with the data, and of course, we did not get any answer from them.", declared Levan Meskheli.

As Levan Meskheli noted, it is considered to test the employees for coronavirus with trading centers' costs.

"But it is not known yet, whether malls will be opened with these conditions. We also offered them to test the visitor with PCR fast test, but they said nothing and noted, that they would contact us.", said Levan Meskheli.