Posted: 1 month ago

Chizzzy May Export its Production Japan and Poland

The samples of Adjarian Khachapuri under the brand Chizzzy are sent to Japan and Poland. 

According to the founder of the startup, Natia Jguburia, Japan and Poland expressed an interest in the production of Chizzzy. 

Currently, Adjarian Khachapuri under this brand is available in three stores of Goodwill.

"They contacted us and asked us to send samples. So far, we are waiting for the feedback and will discuss the rest of the details later. We have positive expectations from the fact that they have expressed great approval for the product. It should be noted that the exporting company, which was interested in Chizzzy, imports honey and tea from Georgia to Japan.

As for the other markets, Ukraine expressed interest in our products as soon as we launched the brand. However, due to the war, the negotiations are suspended.