Posted: 1 month ago

Chikori Receives Dried Fruit from Local Farmers

The producer of dried fruits and healthy snacks, "Qareli Fruit" under the brand "Chikori" has started to encourage local farmers.

According to the partner of Synergy Capital, Mariam Jorjoliani noted, that the company enables farmers to dry the fruits themselves and if the quality standards are met, and take it to Chikori.

The dried fruit production company is already successfully cooperating with local farms on dried persimmons and plans to deliver other dried fruits (plums, apples, figs, etc.) in the near future.

"This cooperation enables the company to expand assortment, decrease the prime cost of the product, and increase the scale of production without increasing capital investment.

Currently, Chikori cooperates with up to 60 farmers and is ready to acquire new partners.", noted Mariam Jorjoliani

Chikori's production exports to Japan and several countries of Europe.