Photo: Lasha Ghughunishvili
Posted: 1 month ago

Chikatai- Special Stork with Special Mission to Create Musical Toys

Chikatai is a Georgian brand created in 2017 by Tamara Buighlishvili, which creates handmade toys for children with ecologically clean and anti-allergic materials with the genius melodies of Gia Kancheli. It all started with the sewing of the first test toy elephant, which was introduced to the legendary composer and they also received the first melody as a gift from him.

This year, Chikatai became a member of the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative, the UN Global Compact. A new line has been added to the brand, which is created with subdued pieces from the dresses of a friend brand - Spilow. This project serves to minimize industrial waste and protect the environment.

With each step forward, Chikatai seeks to make its own valuable contribution to the development of sustainable production, along with growing social responsibility.

Another good proof of this is the friendship memorandum signed with the Caucasus Office of the World Conservation Fund. To support the project, a special charity toy gazelle was created with the campaign slogan "Small gift for big result". The full profit from their sale will be spent on the purchase of monitoring washers for wolves in Vashlovani reserve. The project envisages reintroduction of kurtsiks in Georgia, which became extinct in the 60s of the last century. It turned out that we have already taken steps in this direction - this year, the sixth generation of gazelle was born on the territory of Georgia, which is an important event for the restoration of the full-fledged population of this species in Georgia.

"Chikatai is a stork who believes that everything starts with genius music and therefore the first tunes are very important in our lives. "The first track Matters" - this is the slogan of Chikatai. All of our toys are animals, birds or sea creatures. This is by no means coincidence. We make friends, care for, protect nature and its inhabitants. This is the driving force behind Chikatai. We decided to participate in the Business Awards in order to highlight and show how important it is to take social responsibility into account in the business development process. Reaching the finals confirms the main message of our waste minimization project, according to which "even a small step is important," - Tamara Buighlishvili.

Since its foundation, Chikatai has been continuously working to create and strengthen brand identity as well as continually improve product quality. From 2021, the fabrics used in toys will be completely replaced by 100% organic and certified materials, which will further improve the quality.

"We send the toys to the Turkish laboratory to confirm that our product meets the EN71 standard, which is a necessary condition for export and sale in the Georgian market from 2021," - Tamara Buiglishvili.

Chikatai also has big plans for 2021, which means devoting all its resources and efforts to growth in production and export. As Tamara tells Entrepreneur, from the very first day of its foundation, Chikatai has another big dream that she keeps secret and spares no effort to fulfill it.