Posted: 1 month ago

Champy Introduces Tklapi Chips 'Tsmatsi' to Georgian Market

In the near future, Champy's new chips will appear on the market. The idea of ​​creating a product arose in the process of achieving the social goal of the enterprise, which involves wasteless production.

"At the end of 2021, we received a grant from the European Union and the non-governmental organization CENN. With this resource, we have increased the scale of production. We have employed local women living in Ditsi. We are constantly cooperating with local farmers.

We have also started to develop waste production as a priority. This involves processing the nutritional value of the apples and producing a uniform mass during the production process.

As a result of this mass, we get the crisp texture of the innovative concept. It is called 'Tsmatsi' and in the near future this product will also appear on the market," said Nona Noniashvili, co-founder of the company with Business Partner.

For reference, "Champy" is a Georgian company producing apple chips, which appeared on the local market in 2018. 60% of the products produced by "Champy" are exported to America.