Posted: 1 month ago

Carbox+ - Gift Set for All Car Owners

Carbox+ gift set is already available for all car owners.

Created by the company Greenway and Socar, the set contains the desired and necessary vouchers and discounts for drivers.

Carbox+ will be delivered to every car owner who will undergo a technical inspection at Greenway. One will be able to use the gifts till the end of 2021.

In the gift box, drivers will get discounts on SOCAR fuel and natural gas: gasoline and diesel discount is 16 tetri, and natural gas - 10 tetri.

Drivers will get discounts on Socar fuel and natural gas: the discount for petrol and diesel is 16 tetri, and for natural gas - 10 tetri.

Also, Carbox+ includes 20% discount vouchers for drivers, who will be able to use it while purchasing brake pads or bulbs. Car owners will also be rewarded from Amboli with an additional 1 liter of oil, free of charge, in case of buying 4 liters. Together with this, while purchasing any product in Amboli, drivers will receive a free service.

Apart from this, Carbox+ users will receive vouchers for a modern self-service laundry chain, Greenwash.