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Cafe "Eight +1" - Youth Cafe and Free Space for Events in Ozurgeti

Cafe "Eight +1" is located in Ozurgeti, Guria and is the only literary cafe, which is a social enterprise. It's a space for multicultural events and meetings for local youth. As well as their place of employment.

რვას+1 კაფე

The cafe was established in 2015 by the public organization "Young Teachers Union".

"This is a continuation of the newspaper formed in the 90s, which was created by the students of the School of Leaders of the Center for Non-Formal Education based on the organization. The name of the cafe was named after the influence of this newspaper. This space was created for young people (and not only) to have the opportunity to attend educational, cognitive meetings or organize themselves. "


In addition, young people have the opportunity to work in this cafe, which further strengthens the ideology of the cafe:

"Promoting the effectiveness of multicultural community cooperation and coexistence and increasing social responsibility among young people."

It can be said that Cafe "Eight +1" is a place for work, leisure, reading, meetings with friends, public lectures and other events.In addition…

"Our dishes are also a synthesis of Georgian and European cuisine. Here you will be able to taste such a traditional Gurian dish as Chkana (vegetable) cream soup, which is usually made in the form of onions in Guria, but we have changed the form. Also, Gurian khapi (pumpkin) cheesecake, pumpkin is rarely mentioned in Guria. "
კაფე გურიაში

The name comes from the newspaper "Eight +1", which name appeared spontaneously. The young people who worked for the newspaper (as far back as 25 years ago) were initially only eight, and one day, while thinking about the name, another motivated teenager entered the door of the Leaders' School and expressed a desire to become a member of their team. It was then that the idea arose to call the newspaper Eight +1.კაფე ოზურგეთში

Unlike big cities, Cafe "Eight +1" offers people to attend the events for free and gives free space for those who want to hold their own events.

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