Posted: 2 months ago

Business Award 2022 Begins with New Nominations

TBC business support project business award is being held for the seventh time this year. The goal of the project is to encourage small and medium-sized businesses, to increase their awareness and to promote the formation of a business society. About 3,000 companies took part in the award for 7 years.

This year, the business award is represented by the following nominations:

• The best product
• The best innovative startup
• Outstanding social responsibility
• Outstanding role in the development of the region

Traditionally, this year there is also a novelty among the award nominations, one new one was added to the existing nominations:
• Outstanding user experience

Also, this year the participants of the business awards will have the opportunity to win 2 special awards - for gender equality and green initiatives.

The way of identifying the winners is also partially changed. This year, for the first time, consumers will be involved in the process of evaluating the winners, in particular, they will participate in the identification of the best businesses in 2 nominations - the best product and outstanding consumer experience.

VISA (the main sponsor), EFSE Foundation and "Produce in Georgia" are the partners of the project this year. For the first time this year, UN Women established a special award for gender equality and GCPF (Global climate partnership fund) - for green initiatives. Another partner that provides customer research for participating businesses is the research company ANOVA.

The jury will work on identifying the winners, the final award ceremony will be held in December.

Interested persons can already fill out the application on the following link.