Posted: 1 week ago

British Coffee Brand Costa Coffee Enters Georgian Market

British coffee brand Costa Coffee enters the Georgian market. Its first facility will be able to receive visitors at Tbilisi Airport in August.

A loft-type cafe/restaurant has already opened in the departure hall of Tbilisi International Airport, which will offer passengers a wide selection of different types of Georgian and foreign dishes. TAV Airports' child company BTA invested $0.5 million in the arrangement of the catering facility.

"It's the first priority for us to create a comfortable space for our passengers. Recently, we opened a cafe in the Tbilisi Airport based on a new concept. In August, the first facility of the international brand Costa Coffee in Georgia will be opened in the airport. We also have news at Batumi Airport, where a new food facility will start operating at the end of May. The investment amount of all three food outlets is 1 million Euros.", noted the general manager of TAV Georgia, Tea Zakaradze.