Posted: 3 weeks ago

Biochimpharm Launches New Drug, Plans to Introduce Two More This Fall

In March of this year, the Prime Minister of Georgia announced phage technology as one of the priority areas for innovation in the country. Since then, Biochimpharm has made significant strides in this field. Rati Golijashvili, the general manager of Biochimpharm, discussed the company's recent developments and future plans in an interview with

Biochimpharm produces one of the most well-known drugs, "Phagyo," in Georgia and the region, along with other unique phage products. Currently, Biochimpharm is the only enterprise globally that produces phage preparations on an industrial scale according to the European GMP standard. What opportunities does this new standard provide for the internationalization of phages and phage therapy?

On September 15, Biochimpharm received JEMPI certification, marking the culmination of a three-year modernization project that involved an investment of 17 million GEL. The historic Phage factory was completely upgraded, with new infrastructure and production lines. Additionally, our staff underwent extensive training to ensure compliance with GMP guidelines. This modernization project represents a new era in the phage industry, creating numerous opportunities to make phages and phage therapy accessible worldwide.

What are the company's plans for producing new products and entering new markets?

Biochimpharm remains the only accredited pharmaceutical and GMP-certified production facility that creates phage-based medicines. These medicines are registered and authorized in Georgia and eight other exporting countries.

In 2024, we launched a new drug, "Phagestaph," which is now available in all our existing export markets. This drug represents a significant advancement in the treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal infections and diseases. We have high hopes that it will achieve the same success and popularity as Phagyo.

This fall, we plan to introduce two new products. We are actively working on their development and export. Additionally, we are in the process of opening a representative office in one of our export markets, and we will share more information about this soon.

What is the current situation in the global phage technology and phage therapy market, and why is this field particularly relevant?

The relevance and popularity of phages are increasing rapidly, driven primarily by the issue of antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics are often no longer effective against bacterial infections because bacteria have developed immunity to them. Currently, phage therapy is the only available alternative to antibiotic therapy. Accordingly, Georgia has the potential to become the world center for combating antibiotic resistance, serving as a hub for researchers, research institutes, businesses, and international organizations dedicated to this cause.

Georgia has long been known as the homeland of wine, and now its status as the homeland of phage technology is becoming more prominent. What are the prospects for further strengthening this position?

Yes, Georgia is not only the homeland of wine but also of phages. We have a 100-year history of phage research and production. We are proud that historical Georgian phages are now produced according to the highest European standards, allowing us to bring life-saving drugs to tens of millions of people.

With Biochimpharm's advancements and the ongoing support for phage technology, Georgia is well-positioned to become a global leader in the fight against antibiotic resistance.