Posted: 6 months ago

Bilki Studio - New Platform on Communication Market

Biliki Studio was founded by two friends - Mirian Jugeli and Giga Khurtsilava. Years ago, they were working in the same company, and they realized, that their paths would cross and they would present themselves in a new way in the communication market.

Biliki Studio is Motion Design Studio, which was created as a response to the crisis due to COVID-19. 

"New digital businesses have emerged in Georgia and they do not have the resources to produce a huge communication. Currently, they need to accelerate the right communication on the right segments with a moderate budget.

This is the reason why they created Biliki Studio remotely, Giga lives in Kutaisi, Miriani - in Tbilisi.

"Our goal is to enter both the local and international market, of which we have a great experience and currently we work on several global projects. This is the reason why we chose to name the studio Biliki, the word, which is Georgian, is related to movement, and will be simple to pronounce for a foreigner.

Our greatest wish and goal is to establish Motion Design school in Kutaisi in 2021, where anyone will be able to learn this profession, and then, we would create employment opportunities in both local and global market for them."