Posted: 1 month ago

Beer Production Hits Record High in Georgia

Georgia's local beer production continues its upward trend this year, paralleling the dynamic growth of the country's economy, according to industry representatives.

In a conversation with "Business Partner," the Director of Corporate Affairs at "EFES Georgia" shared that the beer industry anticipates a growth of 3 to 5% this year.

"2023 was a milestone year for us, with a record production of 135 million liters of beer. The Georgian beer market predominantly consists of local brews, accounting for about 92% of the total market share, which is quite encouraging. Only 8% of the market is made up of imports, indicating a dynamic progression of the beer sector," remarked Nikoloz Khundzakishvili.

He also projected that beer production might reach 140 million liters in 2024. Despite the increase in local production, the industry largely relies on imported raw materials.

"The key ingredients for brewing beer, including malt and hops, are sourced from Europe to ensure the production of high-quality beer. We would be eager to support local agriculture if these components were produced domestically, but, unfortunately, there's no indication of this happening soon," Khundzakishvili explained.

Over the past 15 years, imported beer, which previously constituted 40% of the market, has decreased to just 8%, showcasing a significant shift towards local production.

Data from Geostat reveals that in 2023, Georgia imported 11 million liters of beer valued at 13 million dollars.