Posted: 2 weeks ago

Bebos Chiri: Georgia Holds Huge Potential for Production of Dried Fruits

Georgia has much potential for producing dried fruits. The 2020-2021 seasons have brought efficient results for the field development.

Despite the COVID-19 effect and a downturn in tourist inflow, the domestic demand for dried fruits has been growing, Bebos Chiri founder Ketevan Jiniashvili said. “We can produce many new varieties of dried fruits. We aim to replace imports of dried fruits. This is a widely consumed product and it should find its niche as a yummy snack on the domestic market”, Ketevan Jiniashvili said. As for future plans, the company intends to expand the tea production line by use of highland useful plants.

“Notably, Bebos Chiri has successfully overcome the pandemic challenges and we follow the determined goal by introducing various new products to our clients. We believe that participation in grant programs is an important component for further development to reach the final goal as soon as possible. At this stage, we sell our products only in Tbilisi and Bakuriani. We also cooperate with various candy stores, including August. We serve individual and corporate orders. At this stage, we are oriented on sprouting roots in the domestic market. We make focus on maintaining special tastes of dried fruit to attract new consumers”, the company founder noted.

Founded amid the pandemic in the highland village of Dusheti, Bebos Chiri produces over 20 varieties of dried fruits, tea, and vegetable candied fruits. Over the past year, Bebos Chiri has recycled 12 tons of raw materials. The initial private investment made up GEL 30,000.